Preservation Information Exchange (PIX)
Welcome to the Preservation Information Exchange (PIX) web site. This is the place where nonprofit organizations and public bodies interested in preserving affordable housing can obtain information regarding Multi-Family Housing (MFH) projects that have applied to prepay their MFH Loans.

The Office of Rental Housing Preservation (ORHP) of the Rural Housing Service (RHS) brings this site to you. RHS is required to notify nonprofit organizations and public bodies whenever borrowers request to prepay their RHS MFH loans or when they offer their property for sale to a nonprofit or public body.

ORHP is meeting this requirement via PIX. PIX allows interested nonprofit organizations and public bodies to register to receive notification of all prepayment requests and potential sales to nonprofits or public bodies. To do this, organizations must register as a nonprofit or public body and set up their search criteria according to their areas of interest. Based on these criteria, PIX will send registered organizations regular listings of properties that match their search criteria. Once registered, you may also use PIX to conduct your own search of available properties.

Additional information about the RHS prepayment process may be obtained by reviewing the MFH regulations tab above. If you need further assistance or want to comment on our web site, you may use the Contact tab above.

If you already have a USDA level 2 Customer ID and Password, you can login above.